Frequently Asked Questions

Your answers to the most frequent questions.

Do you credit consultation fees?

Yes. If you choose to retain Marin Immigration Law for legal services, we will credit your consultation fee towards the cost of your representation.

What happens if I need more time after a consultation?

We offer flexible options for legal services, including booking additional consultations, retaining our services on an hourly basis, or having us represent you throughout your application process.

I have no idea how to immigrate to Canada. Can you help me?

Most clients come to us with specific Canadian immigration programs in mind. We help them determine their eligibility and guide them through the application process. If you have various options, we can help you assess the likelihood of success and how to mitigate risk.

If you're not sure where to start, we recommend visiting IRCC's website for more information on immigrating to Canada:

I only have a few simple questions. What's your email?

Our time is valuable and billable, like any other professional service. We would be happy to assist you in a paid consultation to provide legal advice.

If you have questions regarding the operation of the firm, you can email If you ask for legal advice, we will ask you to book a consultation.

Do you accept to represent every case?

At Marin Immigration Law, we focus on doing a few types of applications very well, including judicial reviews. If Cédric determines that your specific needs would be better served by another lawyer, we are happy to provide you with a referral to another trusted legal professional.

How quickly do you reply to emails?

If we are retained to represent you for your application, you can expect replies within 48 hours from Monday to Friday, except holidays.

Do your prices include IRCC fees?

No, our prices are for legal services rendered by Marin Immigration Law. They exclude all other fees, such as IRCC fees, medical exam fees and so on.

I want you to review my entire application prior to the consultation. Can you do this?

No. Marin Immigration Law does not perform extensive reviews before consultations. This would take many hours. However, we are happy to answer questions during the consultation and review as many forms as possible within the allotted time. Consultations are available in 25 or 50-minute time slots. Following the consultation, you can retain us to review and properly complete the whole application.

I want to retain you after the consultation. What are the next steps?

If you decide to retain Marin Immigration Law after your consultation, we will send you a Legal Services Agreement and payment link for e-transfer or credit card. Our next step is to schedule an initial call, set up a timeline to complete your application, and request any additional necessary documents. We will communicate via email and meet as needed until your application is complete.

Why are your fees expensive?

Our prices at Marin Immigration Law are set to reflect the professional experience and education of our founder and principal lawyer, Cédric Marin. He has earned degrees in Civil Law, Common Law, and Masters of Law, after more than 6 years of study at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa.

Since 2017, he has gained valuable experience working for a judge at the Federal Court, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, and the United Nations.

Learn more about Cédric Marin here.

Where are you located?

Marin Immigration Law is based in Ottawa, Canada. However, Cédric frequently teleworks abroad from the GMT+3 time zone.

Do you guarantee that I will be approved?

Absolutely not. Marin Immigration Law will ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for your chosen immigration program and that your application is properly prepared. We help you review supporting documents. We will inform you of any potential risks associated with your application, and the final decision to proceed is ultimately up to you.

We will refuse to represent you if we think you have no chance of immigrating. If there is a high chance of refusal, we will confirm in writing that you want to proceed.

Do you offer installments?

No, except for Express Entry. We will seek a payment of $3,500 to create the profile and review documents, and seek another payment of $1,500 when you receive the Invitation for Apply. For all other services, we seek a payment up front and retain the money in a mixed trust fund until the work is completed as per the By-Laws of the Law Society of Ontario.

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